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What Are The Benefits?

To be able to live your life as you earn your doctorate

Get concrete advice and a strategic action plan that are easy to implement right away

To gain clarity, momentum, and accountability in order to fast track your degree

There’s a new type of doctoral student, and it’s you

Life is happening while you earn your doctorate.
You need strategies and advice on how to finish successfully and quickly without putting your life on hold. I can show you how.

About Dr. Shanell T. Smith

I am a doctoral expert and institutional consultant. I help doctoral students fast track their degrees without having to put their lives on hold. I am committed to demystifying the doctoral process because I don’t like seeing doctoral students struggle. As I always say, “You do not have to die to earn a terminal degree (pun intended).” I absolutely love what I do, and I’m great at it!

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“I can’t say enough about the fantastic work that Dr. Shanell T. Smith is providing to Ph.D. students… Not only does she provide her clients with concrete tools, but her encouragement and honesty are invaluable. The Ph.D. process has many phases, all of which are nerve wrecking in one way or another. Dr. Smith’s calm and professional demeanor offers an assurance that with hard work and her techniques, clients can complete/engage their tasks with confidence. Thank you Dr. Smith, I count you among my team of supporters, mentors and Maker of Scholar-Professionals!”

– M. M. Johnson, Ph.D. Candidate, Chicago Theological Seminary

“Before I worked with Dr. Smith, I didn’t know how to think about a dissertation–what it should look like, how to plan it out, etc… As a result of our coaching sessions, I’ve been able to frame up what needs to be done in a tidy fashion that gets me on the road to finishing my program as soon as possible. I unreservedly recommend Dr. Smith for anyone who wants great advice and encouragement in charting the course of their next steps in their doctoral program.”

– Chauncey Handy, Ph.D. Candidate, Princeton Theological Seminary

“As a doctoral candidate, I hit a wall in my writing and was frustrated with not knowing how to proceed. Dr. Smith thought through practical approaches with me that helped me to identify the areas of my research planning, outlining, and my schedule that I needed to address and helped me come up with practical solutions. With her insight and with her as a source for accountability, I ended up doing more work in six months on my dissertation than I had done in the previous one and a half years. Her method enabled me to re-identify my passion for my research and to pursue it with joy and purposefulness, knowing I had her help if things got murky again, as well as her encouragement. I highly recommend Dr. Smith and her services!”

– Elyse Ambrose, Ph.D.

“I can say without the slightest tint of resignation that Dr. Shanell Smith’s impact on my orientation towards the scholarly vocation is singular… Though the professional advice Dr. Smith provided me with had proven to be second-to-none, it is her ability to challenge graduate students to seek a wholistic, integrated approach to our profession that makes her a singular influence upon my life… Because of Dr. Smith’s advice, I have maintained an integrated philosophy of the scholarly vocation which, in turn, has allowed me to function more productively as a graduate student precisely because I am able to pursue my goals within a family that has claimed peace as our principle portion. Oftentimes, I find myself wondering aloud where my career and family would be if Dr. Smith never took the time to pour into a nervous and self-doubting first generation Black grad student. Thanks be to God, I guess we’ll never know.”

– James Howard Hill, Jr.

“Before I worked with Dr. Smith, I’d just returned from medical leave after being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in November 2016. I returned to my PhD studies in November 2019 and it was like starting over again after an 18-month medical leave. I had to relearn PhD language, processes, methods, methodologies, etc. all over again. Dr. Smith helped me to get back on track with her brilliance, womanist prowess, patience, encouragement, guidance, and impeccable coaching. As a result, I will be ABD (all but dissertation) by June 2020 and on track to defend in 2021. I unreservedly recommend Dr. Smith for anyone who wants to attain a PhD with excellence.”

– Reverend Tawana Davis

“My time with Dr. Smith was more than worth it! When I began working with her, I was overwhelmed, frustrated, unclear on my project and just simply feeling defeated as a PhD student… I felt like that initial conversation gave me some of the answers and clarity for which I’d been searching. My primary goal was to have my Program of Study go before my institution’s PhD committee and returned to me approved. After our 3 months together, I submitted the document and it was approved… I am confident that I wouldn’t be where I am without Dr. Smith’s guidance and expertise. I’m forever grateful!”

– Whitney Bond

“Before my 90-day Private Coaching Program, I was struggling with managing communication with my committee members, feeling vulnerable and insecure about my ability to succeed as a doctoral student. Symptoms of impostor syndrome had resurfaced in my doctoral journey. I needed to learn how to regain control of my progression [and] use productive procrastination to my advantage. As a result of the session(s), I have been able to make significant progress during the pandemic while working a full-time job from home…with an infant. I recommend Dr. Shanell T Smith’s coaching services for anyone who wants to make strides, regain control, and finish sooner! Dr. Smith will empower you and give you the tools and strategies you need to be successful and reach your goals.”

– Nicole E. Smith, Mercer University (PhD Nursing Program)

Why invest?

If you don’t invest, you may continue to struggle in your program. You will most likely take more time to complete your degree, which means a greater financial strain to stay enrolled at your institution. Your level of stress may increase because of a lack of a strategic action plan, poor time management, and your relationships may be strained because you are unable to prioritize, create boundaries,
and work more efficiently in your program.

How does it work?

You schedule a call with me to discuss the number one thing with which you are struggling in your doctoral program right now.
I find out what’s really holding you back, and determine if and how I can help you move forward. I will make a professional recommendation for the best next steps you should take to finally start making good strides in your doctoral program!

Step 1: Schedule a call to discuss your primary struggles in the program

Step 2: I determine if and how I can help you

Step 3: You invest in a 1-on-1 customized private coaching program

You can be the next
success story…

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